Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ready. Set. Action ......

Murline Mallette, our fearless leader,
is comfortable in front of the camera.
Kevin takes time out from Cook Basic for a quick interview.

What would it be like to work in front of the camera? Our students got a quick taste last week when Liaison’s head office brought a video team to the Hamilton campus. Though the experience is not likely to qualify them for a stint on Hell’s Kitchen, you may just spot them on Liaison College’s YouTube channel.

Katy and Nuno push through their
exam as the camera rolls.
Katelyn picks up knife skill
tips from Chef Bill. 
The morning Cook Advanced class was in the midst of an exam in the kitchen, giving the videographers a chance to film their creations at the stove and on the plate. The Cook Basic class, meanwhile, were learning the difference between a brunoise and batonnet. Chef Bill demonstrated a variety of vegetable cuts that always challenge novice knife skills. He turned a few students loose to flute some unsuspecting mushrooms while the camera-shy amongst them tried in vain to dodge the frame.

Head office will be filming at all of the campuses in upcoming weeks. Check their website and YouTube channel in the months to come for their latest short clips on campus life.

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