Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sculptural works of art, but would you eat them?

Judith with her dragon- fondant over
marshmallow -Rice Krispie mix
Shari's gift for a musician friend
Croquet anyone?
Details from desert island
Call me a dinosaur: I don’t watch much TV, and must be the only foodie in Canada that doesn’t subscribe to the Food Network. It was a bit of an awakening, then, to discover that cake decorating has become a whole different animal since my mother made my three-dimensional Barbie doll cake some forty-odd years ago.            

        With the rising popularity of rolled fondant, contemporary cakes are now, more than ever, sculptural works of art. Liaison’s evening recreational Cake Decorating mini course through June and July was a testament to the range of possibilities. With a tub of fondant, some logistical tips, a few techniques and recipes, a novice in the world of cakes can bring their technicolor imagination to life.
After: Deb's cake for girls'
weekend at the cottage

Before: Deb's flip-flops 

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