Friday, September 21, 2012

Chef Greg Singh at GO Cooking

Chef Greg Singh at GO Cooking

The table is set for guests to enjoy wines
chosen for each course by the evening's sommelier.
Chef Greg Singh filled the house on Tuesday evening at GO Cooking in Hamilton.  Guests reserved their spot months in advance to learn how he adds his own twist to the comfort foods of our autumn harvest.  Potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes; they all conjure memories of festive dinners and family gatherings. Our chef-instructor turned up the heat, though, adding chili oil to his soup, chorizo and jalapeƱo to the crown roast stuffing, garlic and caraway to the brussel sprouts and, best of all, bourbon to the sweet potato pie. 

The menu:
Butternut squash soup with candied pecans and chili oil
Crown roast of pork, stuffed with chorizo and cornbread
Yukon Gold mashed potatoes with garlic and buttermilk
Braised fennel
Brussel sprouts with garlic and caraway
Glazed carrots
Sweet potato, maple syrup and bourbon pie

Check our recipe page for a couple of Chef Greg's creations. 

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