Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The butchers, the bakers and the kitchen team makers....

Tom and Chuck learning
butchering techniques
Alec with Chef Greg 
Jacques making shells for
apple tarts in Basic class

Cook Basic students emerged from five weeks of cooking theory at the end of January. While the four novices filled the kitchen with the smell of freshly baked bread, the Advanced students were learning butchery skills. During their side-by-side lessons, the more experienced cooks broke down a leg of veal into steaks, cutlets and chops, at the same time that the Basic class was discovering the difference between lean and rich doughs, straight doughs and sponges.

Francesco making fruit tarts
Our kitchen accommodates sixteen students at one time, so the size of one class is determined by the the other that shares the same time slot. Each level has their own chef-instructor and covers their required material on a pre-determined schedule, but they often have the chance to work together for special occasions, catering or community events. Their time in the kitchen together helps them build rapport, and gives the less experienced students early exposure to the concepts and techniques they will encounter when they move on to Advanced level.
fruit tarts by Francesco

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