Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The countdown is on...

Often a hectic and happy place, the kitchen at Liaison Hamilton today is infused with a tension that speaks volumes. Our A.M. Basic students are getting ready for their final practical exam, prepping ahead as much as possible so their time in the kitchen tomorrow will run as smooth as clockwork.

Conferring with their colleagues is not an option, as silence is the order of the day. Their heads are down, their minds are focused and their real estate is limited to a half table each. Today they can consult their notes. Tomorrow, with strict deadlines for each course they turn out, all eyes will be on the clock, and they will be relying on their training and their memories to guide them to the finish line.

Sarah readies the ring molds for her chocolate mousse.   

Kitti uses an acetate strip to transfer a coating of
chocolate onto his mousse.  

Marlene preps all of the vegetables that she will need to accompany her main dish. 

The ground rules: no talking, contain your work
to just one half  table and five stove burners, and set aside
everything you'll need for tomorrow's meal. 

Bianca carefully weighs the chocolate she needs
for her dessert. 

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