Thursday, July 17, 2014

29 appies in two hours- it's a record!

Brett set the record today for the greatest number of appetizers created - 29 in all - for his Cook Advanced appetizer test.

Students are required to produce at least ten different appetizers in the course of two hours. Nine apps doesn't cut it, and the student won't be marked. Chef presents them with the same challenge three days in a row- they are not permitted to duplicate any tidbits they have already made in the previous days, and cannot feature the same ingredients from one day to the next.

 Brett's class had a slow start on Tuesday when Chef Dan presented the first day's challenge, as students put their heads together to collaborate on the groceries for the week. By the third round today though, they all exceeded the required number of dishes, with Brett pulling off almost three times what he needed to complete his final appetizer test.

Visit our Facebook page to view more photos of the students and their appetizers from this week's classes. 

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