Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The learning curve is just beginning

Beatrice (left) graduating from Chef de Cuisine
(with Liaison director Murline Mallette)
Brianne hopes to enter the
Armed Forces to cook for the troops.
There were no caps to toss in the air, but spirits were high and the atmosphere was exuberant. In front of seventy guests, 25 students dressed in their chef whites congregated at the college on Wednesday night to receive their Culinary Arts diplomas.  Despite many months of intensive training, late nights of research, reading and study, their diplomas are just the beginning of a lifetime of learning. 

Joda (centre)  graduated from Cook Basic I (with
instructors Chef Bill (left) and Chef Dan (right)

The Chef de Cuisine and Cook Advanced II students went beyond the diploma curriculum, spending at least another four months practicing and refining what they learned in Cook Basic I, studying advanced skills for managing a busy kitchen and running a business of their own.

Nuno & Gerson
The chef instructors took advantage of their last opportunity to roast the students they had tutored through their studies, highlighting some of their most comical blunders. Murline, ever-the-mother, played her tough-love card, pushing her wards once again to check the job boards, work up their resumé, and visit her office to take advantage of her connections in the food world.  

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