Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nourishing body and mind …

Chantelle presented on Korea, and treated her
 classmates to fiery kimchi (spicy pickled vegetables)
 and galbi (spiced beef). 

Before our Cook Basic students head into the kitchen for the first time, they are assigned the task of highlighting a country of their choice – its history, geography, socio-political environment, and of course, its culinary traditions. Some people build their project and presentation around their own country of origin, while others use the opportunity to explore regions in which they have a keen interest. Recent presentations from Chef Bill’s morning and afternoon classes have taken students on a virtual tour of the world, from the far east to the Middle East, with stops in Europe and the UK too. Feeding colleagues was optional - a much appreciated addendum to the spoken word, and a chance for students to share their passion for cooking. 

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