Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now for something completely different........

We like to focus most of our posts on our students and the ups and downs of their culinary training,
Nicole during pool training. She loves food, but it is her passion
for the open water that drives her. 
while the people that keep the school ticking along are usually in the background. Once in a while, though, we need to claim bragging rights on the talents of our staff.

Our fearless administrator, Nicole Mallette, is a multi-tasking, multi-talented woman with a heart of gold and an unbeatable talent for organizing. It comes as a surprise to many people, then, that her first passion is not fine food: it is competitive, long-distance swimming and her unstoppable drive to challenge herself on the open water.

This summer, Nicole and four other women – all of them long-distance swimmers – will challenge Lake Ontario in a relay swim from Kingston to Burlington to raise money for their favorite cause; Plan International’s “Because I Am A Girl” campaign.

This inspiring team, swimming under the 'Because Girls Can' banner, hopes to raise $300,000 in donations to support education and opportunity for girls around the world. In pursuit of that dream, they will set a world record with their 305 km. marathon. Their determination is compelling, and their cause is life-changing. We hope you will help us to cheer them on. 

To find out more about the swimmers and their cause, follow their progress on their blogsFacebook page and website

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